Thomas Smith, a former long-time gang
member from South Central Los Angeles, spent time in Corcoran Prison facing
three life sentences. Smith is now a husband, father, and a prominent
drug and alcohol counselor who shares his experiences of addiction and
street violence with at-risk teens.

William Cromwell is a prominent business man and a positive role model of society.  Growing up in Los Angeles understanding the challenges with the harsh street life along with knowing what it’s like growing up in a single parent home.

William has an understanding of the life and thoughts going through a youths mind in similar situations. William has developed an unmatched passion to give hope, purpose,
and a positive future to at risk youth we serve.


Raised in a drug-infested home, Tina
Smith lost her mother to a drug overdose at an early age. Growing up in
the streets, Tina began her drug use at age 12 before going to prison
four times. Now drug-free, she is a dedicated mother and wife.